Logo print or branding on a Morphsuit

Carmeleon Morphsuit Promotion Team auf Auto

You are searching for a branded morphsuit for your company?

We produce individualized Morphsuits for your company.


Morphsuits are a great way to attract people to your product or your brand. The suits are eyecatcher. It is impossible to look away when some Morphsuits pass by. People like to take pictures and they tell their friends what they saw.


You can use that special effect. Let people take pictures of your company branded suits on a fair or a street promotion. People will love it. And they share what they love. In the real life and of course on the internet (social media).


You are interested in morphsuits with a branding?

Please contact us for more informations. We send you an offer and a preview of the printed suits. And if you need help with the positioning on the suits, we try to find the perfect spots for your branding on the Suits.


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